Course Crushers Is Closed!

Thanks for coming to find our Course Crushers site but we’ve decided to close it to pursue other interests.

Scott and I are still both very much interested in helping you pursue your online learning and education, but we’ve decided to focus our attention on our individual online businesses.

If you’d like to keep up with what Scott’s doing, head to:

As for me, I’m spending most of my time here on Casual Marketer.

I produce a free daily email that gives you tips and advice on how to create and run your own online business as a side hustle project.

There is also the Casual Marketer Monthly Newsletter that I produce, which is a paid physical newsletter delivered to your home.

If you’re interested in receiving my daily emails, sign up below and you’ll also get as a free gift the January 2016 issue of the newsletter delivered to you electronically.

Thanks again for your interest in Course Crushers and good luck in your future endeavours.