About Casual Marketer

Sean KayeHi, I’m Sean Kaye and welcome to Casual Marketer!

I’ve been working on and building my own online businesses for nearly ten years now.  While doing that, I’ve also managed to have a really great professional career as a Senior IT Executive and now a highly paid Cloud and Datacentre Consultant to some of the biggest companies and banks in the world.

But it’s always felt a bit strange (and not due to my sleep apnea) because everyone I know in the online business world are striving like crazy to get out of their day jobs and I have almost always enjoyed mine.

Recently though, I’ve been discovering more and more people like me.  People who are looking to build their online business while still maintaining their career.

I’ve also been coming across small business owners who know that they need to increase their digital marketing skills and build out their business’ online presence to better compete and grow!

And through talking with parents at my son’s school, I’ve met countless stay at home mothers and fathers who would love to figure out how to create their own online business at home in whatever free time they have.

We’re What I Call, “Casual Marketers”

I’ve been lucky enough to have nearly ten years of experience building real, substantial online businesses and have learned an incredible amount during that time.  I’ve gained the ability to see through the BS that permeates the online marketing world to focus on the things that work and the things that matter.

And that’s what this site and in particular, the Casual Marketer Monthly Newsletter are all about; me sharing my experience and expertise to help you cut through the crap so that you can learn and get results more quickly.

So if you’re looking for someone to help you move ahead faster, avoid the pitfalls that come with online business and steer clear of the online snake oil salesmen, then you’ve come to the right place!