The Art of Scarcity

intentional scarcity

One piece of commonly accepted wisdom among the Internet Marketing expert crowd is that you have to “earn” a sale by asking for it.  They spend a mess of time talking about a bunch of crap that effectively boils down to asking people to, “buy my stuff”.

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She Said It Smelled Red

unique perspective

Growing up, there was a girl that I knew who was so smart, she actually came across as quite strange to other children.  I was always considered very smart and bright, but this girl was weirdly intelligent – I’m talking savant like intellect.

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You’re Not The Hero of Your Story

storytelling hero

One of the big trends in selling over the past year or so in the online marketing community is the notion of selling with stories.  I’m quite a fan of this idea and it’s something I’ve been doing for a few years as telling stories is my most natural way of getting my point across.

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At Least Try and Be Memorable

being memorable

Let’s just put it out there right away, blogging and writing on a frequent basis to an audience is hard work.  I literally know hundreds of people who have thought, “Yeah, I have something to say, I’m going to blog (or write emails) on a frequent basis to my audience” and they get into it but somewhere around six to ten posts, they lose inspiration.

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