Just Doing The Fun Stuff

hard work

One of my favourite phrases that comes to mind all the time is “value cheaters”.  I heard the phrase first used by MJ DeMarco, the author of Millionaire Fastlane and one of my top three …

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Are You Selling The Right Thing?

selling the right thing

One of the things that I see people get wrong is that they are not selling their customer the right “thing”.  That probably sounds pretty silly without context, but it happens so often that it becomes one of the first things I think about when people start telling me about their trouble selling.

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The SEO Chicken Littles

SEO is dead

One day, Chicken Little was walking around the woods when an Acorn fell on her head.  Panic sets in for Chicken Little, “Oh my, the sky is falling!  I must run and tell the Lion.” …

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Maximizing Your Potential

maximizing your potential

One of the things that most people struggle with when they are building their own online business is that nagging feeling that they aren’t reaching their full potential and that somewhere they are missing out on opportunities because of it.

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Putting Yourself First

putting yourself first

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the value of taking a day off every once in a while to let your batteries recharge and just being kind to yourself in general.  The truth is, this is something that many of us, myself included, need to get much better at so that we can maintain balance in our lives.

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What Does Your Day Off Look Like?

taking time off

I’ve had a couple of long hard weeks at the day job.  Let me be clear, I attend meetings, draw on whiteboards, tell people my ideas, read documents and occasionally write stuff, so when I say “hard”, we shouldn’t think I was out on a chain gang breaking rocks or anything – I have pretty soft and supple computer nerd hands.

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Accidentally Successful

accidental success

Since mentioning over the past week that I’ve taken more of an interest in figuring out how to write more books, I’ve been devoting a bit of time to figure out how the authors in the business and marketing, non-fiction arena become successful.  It’s been a bit of an interesting process of discovery for me because I was expecting there to be a lot more to it.

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Gaining Control Of Your Time

time management

The last few weeks have been pretty full on from a work perspective.  I’ve been leading a big proposal for a tender that we’re responding to and the process for getting these things priced and governed internally to meet the client’s deadlines has been pretty tight.  I don’t think I’ve worked under 50 hours at any point over the last three weeks.

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Single Source Dependencies

single source dependencies

One of the worst things you can be in business is what’s called, “Single Source Dependent”.  This is something that can take many shapes, but it essentially means that a vital input into your business comes from a single place or source.

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Are You Ready To Tap Out?


The other day, a friend of mine asked me if I would speak to a single mom of three young, primary school aged girls on Skype for half an hour to see if I could help her out.  She’s been having a rough go the last couple years for a bunch of reasons and was really struggling.

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