Introducing Automation To Your Online Business

marketing automation

My bias is always towards technology.  It’s what I do pretty much every day, I noodle around with lots of high-end technology and tell people how it can make their businesses perform better.  I help people build strategies to take them from where they are today to the nice, shiny new SkyNet style future that things like Cloud and Data Centre Automation can deliver when implemented correctly.

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Simplicity and Elegance

simplicity and elegance

For the last few weeks, I’d been looking forward to yesterday and today because I’d planned to take the two days off my regular job, give myself a four day weekend and get stuck into some project or another in the business and bang it out during that time.

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Doing Dumb Stuff

doing dumb stuff

Some days it is like the heavens open up and deliver me a bounty of topics to write about and today was one of those days.  In fact, one particular thing I saw was so strange that it probably give me a couple days worth of topics to go over – it was like cracking an egg into a frypan and getting a double yolk.

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Your Business Is Not Just About You

client centric

Today I was walking down the street in Sydney at lunchtime.  It’s a big city and on Valentine’s Day, it can be pretty hectic with married men who’ve forgotten to organize anything for their wives rushing around trying to buy flowers or whatever to avoid looking like muppets when they get home.

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Crafting Your Own Manifesto

Business Manifesto

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been engaged in various conversations with people about how people revert to form when under pressure and that you have to put in a concerted effort to really change who you are.

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Peddling Platitudes


At the moment, I’m listening to the new book by Inc writer Jeff Haden entitled, “The Motivation Myth”.  The premise of the book is that it will show you that external motivation isn’t something you need to inspire you or motivate you to act and be successful.

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