Revenue Disclaimer

Ok, we’re going to be brutally open and honest about how we make money because governments around the world do not think you’re smart enough to understand it without us spelling it out for you.

So here goes.

We make and sell information products.  Strangely enough, when you sign up for our paid Casual Marketer Monthly Newsletter product or one of our other paid information products, we actually make money.  It should be obvious, but we’ll spell it out in simple terms: when you buy things from us, we make money.

Occasionally, we talk about products and services that we use or really like and we provide links to those products.  If you decide of your own free will that you want to buy something we’ve given you a link to, then there’s a better than average chance that we’re going to get a commission on that sale.

We’re genuinely good people (our mothers can confirm this), so we’re not going to point you in the direction of junk, but quality is often in the eye of the beholder and as the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

We do spend time checking out things that we send you links to and we try our best to only send you great stuff, but again, ultimately that’s down to you and your opinion. Make sure you make your own decision before you buy!

Notice how we’re not using the word “recommend” anywhere? That’s because we’re not recommending anything. Casual Marketer is about delivering people great information, education and entertainment.  If we talk about a product or services (be it one of our own or someone else’s) then we suggest that you make up your own mind as to whether or not what we’re discussing is going to help you!

Also, it’s worth being totally transparent; some people may actually pay us money to discuss their product or service offering. That’s advertising, you’ve no doubt come across it before.  When we run a paid advertising spot, we will make it abundantly clear that it is a paid sponsorship so that there is no ambiguity.  One thing we can say though is that we won’t send you links to garbage, even if people offer to pay us, that’s just not how we operate.

In summary, we think trust is the foundation of all good relationships. We want to make it abundantly clear that we make money when you buy our products or services and we may get a commission if you buy something from a link we’ve sent you.

Ultimately, you’re the buyer, so now that you know the score, we think you’re smart enough to make up your own mind about what’s best for you and we’ve done our part to make sure you have all the facts about us before making those buying decisions.