Do You Have Backup Tech?

technology redundancy

It’s Saturday as I write this and this morning I had to drag myself out of bed at 6:30am to drive my son to his soccer game which kicked off at 8:30am.  I’m not sure who decides to schedule these games at such ungodly hours on a Saturday morning but I will find this person and we will have words.

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Short Changing Your Side Hustle

setting expectations correctly

One thing most of us have in common these days is that we lead a busy existence and we’ve always got something on.  If you have a job and some kids, you’re probably like me and you find yourself getting to Friday thinking, “Holy hell, where did the week go and why I am so tired?”

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Time To Double Down

GDPR opportunity

Within the next 24 hours, the world is going to stop spinning on its axis and the fleas of a thousand camels will infest the armpits of people who are not GDPR compliant.

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Truth in Advertising

truth in advertising

In an Australian Federal Court today, a judge ruled that Telstra, the country’s largest communications company had misled consumers in a recent advertising where it promoted an “unlimited” mobile broadband plan that really wasn’t “unlimited”.

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When Clients Realise They’re On The Hook

abdicating responsibility

When you work with clients, you tend to see the full range of humanity’s best and worst attributes in short order.  You will come across the kindest and most generous people that you will ever meet one day and then the next bump into people who would steal candy from small children if they thought they could get away with it.

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The Art of Scarcity

intentional scarcity

One piece of commonly accepted wisdom among the Internet Marketing expert crowd is that you have to “earn” a sale by asking for it.  They spend a mess of time talking about a bunch of crap that effectively boils down to asking people to, “buy my stuff”.

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She Said It Smelled Red

unique perspective

Growing up, there was a girl that I knew who was so smart, she actually came across as quite strange to other children.  I was always considered very smart and bright, but this girl was weirdly intelligent – I’m talking savant like intellect.

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Even Big Players Make This Mistake

digital sharecropping

Whenever you see successful businesses online that look like everything they do is well thought out and executed, it can be quite jarring to see that they can make really common mistakes.

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Being There For People


Today is going to be a shortish post.  I’ve had a really rough 24 hours and I’m struggling to stay upright at the keyboard.

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What Does Real Freedom Look Like?

clients vs customers

One thing that interests me all the time is when someone says that they’ve achieved a certain level of freedom because their business has hit a particular financial goal.

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