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February 2016

If only it were as easy as just creating content!

This entire topic for this newsletter issue stemmed from a midnight conversation I’d had with a marketing heavyweight a few weeks earlier on the sidewalk of a busy main road outside of a pub.

I also teach you the secret to successful gyms and how you can use that strategy to improve your content marketing.


March 2016

My mom says I’m pig headed and she’s absolutely right.

In this issue, I share how a single encounter with my childhood hero helped shape who I’ve become and is something that I attribute to being at least partly responsible for the success I’ve had in my life.

More importantly, I teach you how you can put in place systems to help you achieve great results like mine even if you don’t have the same natural personality characteristics.


April 2016

People who call themselves “entrepreneurs” that are content to fail and bounce to the next idea have become a plague, like locusts buzzing from field to field laying waste in their path.

Ok, maybe they’re not that bad, but they’re pretty bad just the same.

The reality is, most ideas can be made to work if you have the right plan and you execute.

In this issue, I give you my strategic framework that I use to help give myself the right context and sign posts to embark on a successful business journey.


May 2016

One of my favourite parts of all the new superhero movies is when they go back and show us the character’s origin story.   There are so many nuances when done correctly that it really makes you invest emotionally in the character.

That sounds like an awesome marketing strategy… And it is!

In this issue, I teach you about the importance of crafting your own backstory and I show you the various archetypes and how to best use them.


June 2016

Traffic is an essential part of your online business, but so many people choose to ignore it because it’s hard.

You can have the best product and the most amazing customer service and it won’t matter a lick if nobody gets to see it.

In the June 2016 issue of the newsletter, I take you through building a traffic system of your own that focuses on earned and paid visitors to maximise your return on investment.


July 2016

Most times when I hear or read people talking about lifestyle design and their online business, they’re rambling on about living on a beach somewhere with a laptop, working less than an hour a day while the money pours in.

That’s a fantasy.  It’s not real.

Building your business around your lifestyle is something that anyone can achieve, but it takes hard work, good planning and understanding what you need to do to be successful – all of these things are covered in this issue.


August 2016

No doubt you’ve heard stories about successful online product launches where people bring in thousands of dollars an hour, hundreds of new customers and their business explodes – all from just a humble product launch.

But often times the reality is considerably different and launches can go spectacularly wrong.

In this issue, I’m going to walk you through the potential pitfalls and then set you up for success with a 10-step launch plan that you can handle and deliver.


September 2016

The hardest thing many new business owners online struggle with is working out how to price themselves if they’re selling time or their products.

They worry about whether they’re charging too much or too little.  It’s all just a bit of a frustrating mystery.  Until now.

In this issue, you’ll get a few simple steps to help you make sure your pricing is “fair” but at the same time giving you the flexibility to adjust it as you become more comfortable.


October 2016

In any successful business, money flows in and around the business like a mighty river.

And the best businesses have multiple streams and tributaries that are constantly feeding the river to ensure its long-term stability and well-being.

To build a healthy business, you need multiple streams of revenue and income and in this issue, I take you through how to plan your business to accommodate this.


November 2016

The information product business is booming again!  For the last couple of years, things have slowed down and prices have declined, but people have rediscovered the value of high-quality info products.

So you should be figuring out how to include information products into your overall portfolio of offerings!

In this issue, I walk you through the finer details of an information product business and dissect a case study on how these businesses come together.


December 2016

There’s a ton of hype around the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and building your own online business that will let you kick off the shackles of the man and be your own boss.

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns – there are things that very few people tell you that will trip you up and damage your confidence.

In this issue, I close out the first year of the newsletter with a breakdown of the “four uncomfortable truths about building your own online business”.