Leeches and Blood Suckers

knowledge leeches

The world is full of parasites.  The leeches and bloodsuckers look to attach themselves to healthy, vibrant people and drain them of all the value that they can before moving on to their next prey.

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The Location Independence Bait and Switch

location independence lie

As most of you who read these posts regularly know, I’m not a big fan of the people who try and sell the “digital nomad” dream.  I am pretty open about the fact that I think the overwhelming majority of them are running a scam to either try and justify their own inadequate situation or to sell you a big bag of hope.

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You’re Not The Hero of Your Story

storytelling hero

One of the big trends in selling over the past year or so in the online marketing community is the notion of selling with stories.  I’m quite a fan of this idea and it’s something I’ve been doing for a few years as telling stories is my most natural way of getting my point across.

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At Least Try and Be Memorable

being memorable

Let’s just put it out there right away, blogging and writing on a frequent basis to an audience is hard work.  I literally know hundreds of people who have thought, “Yeah, I have something to say, I’m going to blog (or write emails) on a frequent basis to my audience” and they get into it but somewhere around six to ten posts, they lose inspiration.

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Pointless Posturing and Meaningless Virtue Signalling

virtue signalling

Every now and then you’ll come across some people online, especially in certain Facebook Groups, who decide to become peacocks.  They spread out their tails and show off everyone else in the group just how majestic they really are and their display is just a way of gathering attention.

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Lofty Goals Often Look Like Madness

big hairy audacious goals

To those who lack vision, people who have lofty ambitions and high expectations are often considered crazy.  These people see the world through a prism with limited color possibility – to them, everything has a natural ceiling where just standing upright will result in you bumping your head.

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Better Results Won’t Get Themselves

measurable goals

Over the past week or so, I’ve been spending a fair bit more time on goal setting and how to achieve more stuff.  I’ve never really struggled with getting work done, but as I’ve discussed, I took ownership of the poor outcome and decided that I needed to figure out how to do better.

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Finding Inspiration From Customer Problems

finding customer problems

I was a pretty bright kid.  I always seemed to do well on tests in school without really trying and I could look at things once and just get it.  When things happen like this for you, especially at a young age, you don’t appreciate it and you don’t really try and figure out why, you just roll with it.

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Worshipping at the Altar of OKRs

implementing OKR

After compiling my monthly KPI stats and writing about where April 2018 ended up, I spent the better part of today pretty unhappy with myself about how badly this part of the business underperformed for the month. 

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Monthly Update – April 2018

Casual Marketer April 2018 Monthly Update

One of my favourite things about writing these monthly reviews is being able to look back at the end of the month, look at where I ended up against my KPIs and make a somewhat immediate assessment of how well I performed.

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