Adapting To Market Dynamics

Hyper Convenience

The other day, I wrote about the idea of Hyper Convenience and how customers now not only expect high-quality goods and services, but they want it five minutes ago.

There was some irony in that email that was entirely unintentional.

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The Church of Failurism


In general terms, I’m not really a tennis fan.  I don’t mind batting a ball around the court for a bit on occasion, but sitting down and watching it on TV, not really my thing.  In fact, I find watching women’s tennis downright annoying – all the grunting and carry on just makes me want to tell them to shut up.

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Knowing Your Body Clock

Circadian Rhythm

Over the last few days, I’ve started reading Dan Pink’s new book, “When”.  Pink has written numerous quality books including, “To Sell is Human”, “Drive” and the wildly underrated “Free Agent Nation” which was a decade ahead of its time.

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Action vs Achievement

Getting Stuff Done

One of the great rhetoricians of Ancient Greece was a chap named Isocrates.  He was a contemporary rival of Plato and was a student of Socrates.  While not as famous as many others Greek philosophers, he built a very financially successful school and even Pliny the Elder commented on his financial prowess.

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You Know More Than You Think

Having Confidence

This morning I was eating breakfast at my new “regular” cafe in the city.  It has great decor, super quick service, friendly staff and really good food.  The one downside is that it gets a little crowded and a bit noisy at times, but that’s a sign that it’s good, IMHO.

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Niche Appeal vs Mass Market Appeal

niche marketing

Inadvertently today, I started a very heated discussion on my Facebook timeline.  I posted about how comedian, Mo’Nique (seriously, that’s her name), complained that she was the victim of racism and gender discrimination because she was only offered $500k to do a Netflix special and Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock got like $20m and Amy Schumer got $11m.

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Sometimes Junk Food is Good Enough

Junk Food Content

This weekend, I spent a bit of time trying to slow my brain down a bit because I was feeling mentally tired.  On Saturday, in particular, I spent a fair bit of time working in the Casual Marketer business and Sunday was the first issue of my new “The Week That Was” update style email.

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