Handling Sticker Shock

If you’ve ever had to deal with pitching to a client, you’ve inevitably come across the problem of “sticker shock”. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it’s the idea that when a customer …

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Really Good Bad Ideas

Not all ideas are created equally.  Occasionally we have ideas that on the surface seem like they’ll be awesome, but then as we begin to do some validation of the ideas, they prove somewhat less …

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Do Unto Others

One thing I absolutely pride myself on with any marketing that I do is that I hold myself to a very high ethical standard.  I follow a very simple rule: “Don’t do anything that I …

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Are You Good Enough?

Are You Good Enough?

Recently I spoke about playing hockey growing up.  It was kind of my passion as a kid and I worked hard at it.  I was good, but I wasn’t “great”. By the time I hit …

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Making Commitments


I’m going to share a fairly lengthy story from my youth here, so hopefully, you’ll indulge me a bit because there is a good set of takeaways at the end. When I was growing up, …

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