Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

product launch

Many people think that the pinnacle of running their online business is the “Product Launch” but the reality is, that’s just the starting point to build momentum for a good business.

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You’re Being Lied To

Marketing Lies

People who show you how much money they earn are often times trying to trick you. It’s a con job to build trust and affinity so that they can sell to your more easily.

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Customer Support Isn’t An Afterthought

Customer Support

When you think about customer support, you’re probably not seeing it as a marketing opportunity, but it is. Your clients and customers are struggling and you have a chance to improve their satisfaction.

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Building Up Your Marketing Muscles

Marketing Muscles

Good marketing is part mad genius, part blatant copying and developing consistently good habits. It’s like developing muscle memory and building your marketing muscles.

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Failure Shouldn’t Be Congratulated


Failure used to have a stigma attached to it, but not anymore. The Silicon Valley Unicorns almost seem to enjoy failing. Learn how to not be the last one without a chair when the song stops playing.

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Do You Need An Email List?

Email List

People freak about needing an email list and often it stops them from making progress. Nobody ever asks if you even need an email list!

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Reactivating Your Email List

Reactivating Your Email List

Sometimes we spend a great deal of time building an email list and do nothing with it. Convention “marketing expert” wisdom says to toss it and start again. As usual, that is terrible advice.

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Suffering From Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer's Remorse

We’ve all bought something and almost immediately felt that pang of regret known as Buyer’s Remorse. The secret though is what do you do next to stop yourself from compounding your buying mistake.

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The Snake Eating Itself

Snake Eating Itself

Learning how to build a business online is hard because of all the people teaching you how to do nothing more than generate more leads for them.

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My Greatest Secret

The Value of Hard Work

My secret ingredient for everything I do isn’t sexy. It’s not some traffic hack or copywriting wizardry, it’s something that almost anyone can do, they just choose not to!

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