Tech Talk Session

It is so easy to let marketing technology overwhelm you.

Optin forms, marketing automation software, shopping carts, funnel software… These things all seem really complex.

The reality is, the people who sell these tools inundate you with functionality, capability and unfortunately, complexity.

Sometimes though, you confuse yourself.  You spend all your time looking for the perfect solution that doesn’t exist and the only outcome for you then is inactivity.

It doesn’t have to be that way though.  Over the years many of my coaching students have come to me entirely paralyzed by the technology options at their disposal for running their online business.  And every single time, I’m able to get these people moving rapidly in the right direction.

My “Tech Talk” session was designed to help people get unstuck.

Short, sharp and focused.  These sessions are all about simplifying and helping get you ready to take action.

Now let’s get something brutally clear, these calls are not tech support.  If you’re membership script isn’t talking to your email marketing platform, that’s not something I’m going to help you with.

However, if you don’t know how to collect your customer’s money, get them secure access to your products and automate how you market to them ongoing, then you should really book in for one of these calls.

Here’s how it works when you sign up for a “Tech Talk” session:

  • You click the button below and confirm your session for US$150
  • I send you an email personally within one business day to get a brain dump from you;
  • Once you respond to my email, I send you a link where you can book in a time for our talk;
  • At the agreed time we’ll have our half an hour Skype session; and,
  • After the call, I’ll send you a short email summarizing our conversation.

The outcome from this session is to get you moving forward!  We’re going to talk about what you need to do to get unstuck and how you can make progress quickly.

If you need help getting a handle on what you need to do with your marketing technology and systems, then this session is going to absolutely help you out of this jam.