Overdosing On Positivity

There’s an annoying trend that’s been really bugging me lately that I thought I’d write a short little post about.  Also, it’s late and I’m tired so today’s blog post needs to be a bit shorter out of necessity – I need my beauty sleep… Ok, I need a beauty hibernation, but work with me on this one.

Anyway, annoying trend.  People for whom everything in their life must be “positive” or else they aren’t interested, your negative energy brings them down and they are only interested in looking at the good things life has to offer.

People like this are weak and they suck.

Something is fundamentally broken in our society when social Darwinism doesn’t kick in and destroy these precious little porcelain people.

Every time they do or say something, it’s like they are sharing with the world some great secret that everyone should hear and revel in.  Namaste!!!

I’m sorry, but these people are just absolute narcissists of the highest order or they are such insecure and fatally flawed humans that any form of criticism shakes their core belief in themselves so much that they don’t know how to cope.

Their entire existence is a house of cards.

As a result, they surround themselves with a cadre of idiots and sycophants who cheerlead them on congratulating them for every minor thing they do.  Never has a group of people achieved so little but been congratulated and revered by their peer group so much.

When you dare criticise something these precious little petals have birthed unto the world you are immediately referred to as a “hater” and either ignored or chided for not being positive all the time.

Think about it though, it’s a ruse.  These people bang on about how important it is to only surround yourself with positive people and “good energy” because this will help you with whatever you’re doing.  Then they create some kind of nonsensical rubbish and unveil it like they just discovered the unifying laws of physics.

What happens next?  Well, if you point out that what they’ve created isn’t very good, then you’re a hater and you’re exactly the kind of negative person they’ve been talking about for so long.  That leaves you with the option of congratulating them for having achieved “something” (anything is an achievement now) even if that “something” is a steaming pile of raw sewage.

“Way to go you!  You did something!  Yay!”

I say bollocks to that.  When something is crap, I call it out.  If you think I’m negative, then my simple answer is to stop producing rubbish and give me something to speak positively about.  If you only want people who dance around you and toss rose petals at your feet because you fell out of bed and posted a picture of your morning coffee to Facebook, then we’re not going to be friends.

Seriously, harden up.  It’s not necessary for everyone to like you or love what you do – I genuinely don’t give a rat’s backdoor about what people think of me.  I listen to positive feedback and I listen to negative feedback, then I try and learn something.  If the feedback is someone tickling my undercarriage, then that gets tossed away just as quickly as someone taking a dump on me from a great height – feedback is worthless if it is excessively positive or negative without context.

I was talking to someone today who got an absolutely glowing performance appraisal at work, but there was one thing that he needed to work on.  You know what he wanted to talk to me about?  The one thing he needed to work on – he wanted advice on how to fix it.

That comes down to having an appropriate level of self-confidence and being able to properly contextualise feedback.  When you categorise comments on “hater” or “fanboy” you’re not doing yourself or anyone else any good.  Aim to be better than that!

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