Crafting Your Own Manifesto

Business Manifesto

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been engaged in various conversations with people about how people revert to form when under pressure and that you have to put in a concerted effort to really change who you are.

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Peddling Platitudes


At the moment, I’m listening to the new book by Inc writer Jeff Haden entitled, “The Motivation Myth”.  The premise of the book is that it will show you that external motivation isn’t something you need to inspire you or motivate you to act and be successful.

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Learning to be Discreet

Being Discreet

This afternoon, I was sitting in a cafe having an afternoon coffee to get my mind jumpstarted back into action.  The 3pm trough had hit and I was starting to feel my brain go soft and concentration became difficult.  Having read “When” by Dan Pink recently, I knew that this meant it was time for me to break the cycle, so that’s what I did.

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Can Anyone Succeed?

success at online business

When you’re trying to build an online business for any length of time and you’re not having success no matter what you try, it can become rather demoralizing.  This is actually a pretty common occurrence that I see from people – they’ve put a bunch of work in, they’ve bought all the tools and taken more online courses than you could shake a stick at but it’s still not happening.

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Driving Yourself to Outcomes


This morning I had a conversation with someone through work who was under a great deal of pressure to deliver outcomes.  He was struggling and it was obvious that the weight of his situation was starting to get to him.

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Adapting To Market Dynamics

Hyper Convenience

The other day, I wrote about the idea of Hyper Convenience and how customers now not only expect high-quality goods and services, but they want it five minutes ago.

There was some irony in that email that was entirely unintentional.

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