Convincing Yourself You’re Happy

It’s 9:30am on Sunday morning, about 12 hours before I normally write my daily email.  I like to write these emails at the end of the day because it gives me a bunch of time to discover something worth writing about.  These emails are part personal journal, part advice and part senseless ramblings – they have a lot of parts obviously.

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Doing Your Own Thing

I spoke to someone yesterday about their business model.  They were really excited to be starting their own business, but there was something in the way this young lady was talking about “what” she was going to do that just didn’t ring true.  She would talk about her ambitions and her aspirations with infectious excitement, but when it came to explaining exactly how she was going to do that, she seemed really flat.

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Re-evaluating The Use Of Goals

At the moment I’m reading a book by Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, called, “How To Fail At Everything And Still Win Big”.  I find Adams witty in his writing – it’s conversational, self-deprecating and at times, a bit glib.  Having worked in an office on technology projects for nearly twenty years, Dilbert is part documentary, part horoscope for me.

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Simplification Vs Optimization

This afternoon on the bus I was reading a blog post about another person getting their Amazon Affiliate account banned because they had the audacity to send an Amazon Affiliate link to their email list promoting a book that they enjoyed and felt would be useful for their subscribers.  If you actually read the Amazon Associates Terms of Service, sending an affiliate link via email, SMS, offline (say via a flyer) or anything like that is against the rules.  Amazon only wants you promoting as an affiliate via a webpage that you control.

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The Allure Of Vanity Metrics

Once in awhile, we all need a pick me up.  Setting up and running your own business, especially if it’s a side hustle business can be a really long and lonely process.  This is particularly true a couple months into it when the novelty has maybe worn off a bit, you’re getting traction very slowly and you’re still putting in the hard work.

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Digging Yourself Out Of A Hole

Time to get a bit blunt.

You can’t rely on anyone but yourself when things don’t go your way.  Sure, you’ve got your family and probably some really close friends that will step in to help you out in pinch, but in general, you are the master of your own destiny.

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