Pacing Yourself Accordingly

Being Methodical

Ok, I don’t really want to be one of those stupid people who say, “We’re two weeks into 2018, only 50 more weeks in the year!  Are you on track to meet your goals?”  But let’s be honest, time has a tendency to slip away from us when we’re not paying attention or tracking out progress regularly.

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Understanding the Assets You’re Investing In

Building Business Assets

Over the last month, I’ve spoken a fair bit about how the purpose of your business is to spin out positive cash for you and to grow in value as an asset.  I talked about this when I was promoting my Authority Matrix program (join the waitlist for next time it opens in March 2018) because that’s all about building authority sites as a medium to long-term business asset.

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My Personal View of Success

Understanding Success

A couple weeks ago, I wrote an email that talked about how one of the key components of being successful was to actually know what success looks like to you.  I was kind of surprised by the feedback I got on this email because it ranged from confusion to a sense of helplessness all through way through to people who loved the fact that they were in control of what success meant to them.

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The Top Job is Hard

power and influence

Yesterday, the Golden Globes happened and as usual, the Hollywood types decided to use their night of congratulating each other to lecture the rest of the world on morality and “celebrisplain” politics to their simple-minded audience.

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Establishing a Rapport With Your Audience

audience building

One of the most fundamental elements of successfully building a following is establishing a rapport with your audience.  When you think about it, 95% of the communication flow will be unidirectional – you talking to them –  but your goal should be to create a situation where they feel as though you’re having a conversation with them.

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