Just Sell Something!

Yesterday I was standing in the hall of this big pavilion here in Sydney at a technology vendor conference.  The place was buzzing as it had become apparent that Donald Trump was going to pull off an unbelievable upset victory to become the 45th President of the United States.  Everyone was checking Facebook and Twitter like crazy trying to find out how many Electoral College votes he had, which states were in play and there was plenty of debate about whether he could pull off a win in a place like Wisconsin which is a Democrat heartland.

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You Should Be More Like Me

Humility is a really important character trait in my opinion.  The most successful people I’ve ever met, people like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and several hall of fame hockey players are all largely humble people.  They have a certain confidence to them for sure, but when it comes to sharing advice or engaging in a discussion, almost everyone I’ve ever met who has attained that level of success has a very strong dose of humility.

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Burning Bridges In Business

I’m cursed with this incredibly hard to control desire to tell people what I really think when they cross me.  When I was younger and just starting out in my career it got me in trouble a few times because frankly I just didn’t have the seniority or respect to pull it off – I came off looking like a jerk.

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The Sting Of Criticism

The truth hurts.

When you put yourself out there and you create something or you share part of yourself with a wider audience you open yourself up to comments.  You’d be naive to think that’s not part of the deal.

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Embracing Change

Change can be pretty scary.  I know that I’m kind of a freak of nature in that I wildly embrace change and in fact, go out of my way looking for it at times.  Most people aren’t like that and with good reason, nature designs us to appreciate the status quo unless something is really terrible and even then we approach change cautiously.

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Let’s Talk About Funnels

Before I start, let me say that this is one of the lengthier blog posts that I’ve created, but at the same time, if you read this, take it in and actually do something with it, it may be the most valuable one I’ve written.  I’m not into hyperbole, but seriously, these 2000 words have the power to change your fortunes in your online efforts if you read them and act on what I’m telling you.

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Building Your Business Part-Time

When you make the commitment to start your own business on the side, you’re making a big investment of time, energy and money into something that has a fair bit of risk attached to it.  Most new ventures don’t succeed and many fail spectacularly.

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Mutton Dressed As Lamb

The writers of the 19th Century had an elegant way with words.  Much of what was written during that period was quite risque but the meaning had to be cloaked in socially acceptable phrases with subtle double entendres sprinkled throughout.

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Biting The Bullet

Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you.

As someone that is so interested in technology and spends most of his waking life trying to bend tech to his will, it may come as a surprise that occasionally, even I make stupid mistakes with technology.

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