Delivering During Disruption

I’m moving house at the moment.  We’re not moving far, just a couple hundred metres up the road, but we still have to pack everything up, put it in boxes, shift it to the new place, unpack and resettle.  It’s a fair bit of work.

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Are You Just Playing Follow The Leader?

One thing that I routinely tell my coaching clients and remind myself of is that pretty much nothing that I do or create online is really “original”.  For some people, that’s impossibly difficult to accept – they believe they’re a special little unicorn, all unique like a perfect little snowflake.

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Imposter Syndrome Is A Real Thing

Running a business is a pretty challenging thing to do.  It comes with plenty of stress and to be successful it requires a ton of commitment.  If you’ve decided to build a business on the side or maybe you’re a stay at home parent looking to establish another stream of income for your family, then you know it can be even more difficult.

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Marketing Automation Is My Frenemy

I like the term “frenemy” – if you’re not familiar with it, it is a combination of “friend” and “enemy”.  It perfectly describes my relationship with marketing automation tools because I see the benefit, I know they can help me, but sometimes I really can’t stand them.

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The One Thing You Can’t Buy

Money can buy you many things… It can buy you fast cars, big houses, nice vacations and allow you to dine at the finest restaurants while eating the best food.  In a more philosophical sense it can buy you security, freedom and contrary to what some people might tell you, it can, in fact, buy you happiness – if you don’t believe me, compare your state of mind while eating lunch in a great bistro overlooking the Eiffel Tower versus being evicted from your home because you can’t pay the rent or better yet, being homeless.

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Broke People Talk The Most

I was chatting via text messages this evening to Casual Marketer Subscriber, Cate Richards and she said something about her primary day-to-day business that really resonated with me.  Cate said that she tends not to talk much to people about her business because everybody lines up and tells her what she’s doing wrong or giving her bad advice.

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Setting Challenges For Yourself

I’m someone who is very self-motivated.  That’s a double-edged sword because it means when I put my mind to something, then I’m persistent and relentless to the point of being considered stubborn at times.  On the other hand, I’m not really motivated well by other people or any kind of externality.

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Are You Afraid To Sell?

When I started out trying to build a business online it was, as I’ve mentioned in the past, for my employer at the time.  I was put in charge of running a SaaS business that we’d acquired and were trying to stabilise the product and platform as well as grow the customer base.

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Don’t Listen To Dogma

When you’ve been online for any length of time running a business you will eventually start to come across a bunch of marketing dogma that people accept as “the truth” without ever challenging where it came from or why people believe it.

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