Choosing Who You Work With

I had one of those good evenings where I went out with a bunch of people I really like from a community I’m a member of and had a great time.  Out of one of the conversations sprung a really good topic for an email…

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Playing For The Wrong Team

Every now and then I see something in the world of marketing online that makes me laugh.  The one I’m thinking of today happened about six months ago and it involved a book launch.  The guy with the new book has a pretty substantial following and he worked his audience hard to get them to buy his book on Amazon.

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Canaries And Bellwether People

There are certain people in life, and especially some on the internet, who I think about as my own personal little bellwethers and canaries.  That seems like an odd statement so let me start with some definitions and move on to explaining what I mean.

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Blogging For Dollars

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is, “Can I make a full time living online as a blogger?” I find this question strangely difficult to answer for a couple reasons. First of …

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The Clarity of Shoshin

In Zen Buddhism there is a concept called, “Shoshin” and it translates to the idea of the “beginner’s mind”.  I thought having just passed the 100-day mark of Casual Marketer that I’d take the time …

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Intellectual Stagnation

I was reading in the newspaper here in Sydney today a politically charged article where the person writing it took the position, “You don’t have to have the answers to challenge the status quo.”  We …

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Staking A False Claim

One of the worst pieces of advice I hear floating around the online business world is, “Stake your claim.”  This is where someone basically decides to give themselves an illustrious title that means nothing and …

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