Don’t Be Bullied Around In Your Business

being bullied by customers

My favourite podcast is Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History“.  I actually delayed listening to the start of Season 2 because I was disappointed that I’d go through it so quickly and have to wait another year before getting more.  I can’t remember any other show or podcast that has invoked that feeling in me, although, Star Trek: Discovery came pretty close.

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Enjoying What You Do

enjoying the side hustle

On a fairly regular basis, I see an inevitable post on Facebook from someone in the “entrepreneurial” space asking people why they continue to have jobs rather than “go all in” on their dream.  These people couch the question in such a way as though they are seemingly perplexed that anyone would not buy into their particular groupthink.

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Understanding Your Working Style

getting stuff done

Today was a pretty weird day – I woke up to head to the office and when I checked my email to see what I had on for the day I’d noticed a bunch of people talking about working from home.  It’s not unusual for people in my team to work remotely if they don’t have any meetings on and we’re encouraged to try and do one day a week from home.

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Nobody Knows The Future

making predictions

Earlier today I was reading about the reorganisation that’s taking place within the Microsoft management team.  It’s the fourth major shakeup with the upper echelons of the Microsoft management team in the last five years – considering that Satya Nadella has been in charge for three years, that’s a fair amount of structural change.

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The Power Of The Hive Mind

transactive memory

The other day I started getting notifications pop up on my phone where I was “being mentioned” by several people and other people were commenting on something where I was mentioned.  That’s not entirely unusual, I often get tagged by people or am mentioned in a conversation – that’s the price of being interwebz famous, LOL!

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Why Side Hustling Works

side hustle

Earlier today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw a post from someone I know where she shared a post from this other guy. This guy is now having some success in his online business and he posted about what his basic philosophy was when he turned the corner.

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